Red "Thank You" Carrier Bag - Language Design PF500R

For the finest Take away solution our High-density polyethylene (HDPE) carrier bags have a sturdy cardboard bottom and are made to make your Take Away look really great. The bags can comfortably hold between 10 to 12 takeaway containers and are sturdy and strong. Upgrade your presentations and service levels by using our bags. The classic loop handle carrier bag is designed with HDPE material so if there is a spill from food containers then it stays inside the bag. The bag features a strong silver handle as shown in photos. The bags are of the highest quality and can be relied on for whatever ideas you have for their use. Excellent cost effective and sturdy point of sale carrier bag with bottom and side gussets to allow generous capacity. Product Information: 50 micron HDPE carrier bag with a welded loop tape handle. The minimum Order Quantity on this bag is only 1 box. PLEASE NOTE: 1-7 Boxes Standard Delivery charges apply and will be applied to final invoice. Order 8 boxes or more and delivery is FREE!
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Red "Thank You" Carrier Bag - Language Design PF500R

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